Supporting Students

  • A yearly $1000 scholarship to a graduating Hudson High Senior.  To be eligible student must either be planning to study healthcare related major in college OR have a very strong background in community service and volunteerism.  Applications are at the school and only require and essay and letter of recommendation
  • Yearly scholarship to University of Maryland Pi Delta Sorority sister.  (amount is usually $1000 but last year it was double that).  There is no restrictions to apply just have to be in the sorority at University of Maryland.  Michaella was very active in this sorority and they do a lot of service projects

Scholarship winners

2013 –  Hudson High School: Jannyn Quiros

2014 –  Hudson High School: Rebekah Lizotte University of Maryland: Victoria Guilliani

2015 –  Hudson High School: Zoe Moskowitz University of Maryland: Taylor Keenan

2016 –  Hudson High School: David Youngerman University of Maryland: Erin Mussleman

2017 –  Hudson High School: Cara Sullivan

2018 –  Hudson High School: Samantha McLaughlin University of Maryland: Abby Perasso

2019 –  Hudson High School: Sharon Zheng University of Maryland: Marguerite Gelinas